Training - Mediation - Labour Affairs

The specialization comprises (40 hours) the following items spread over 5 teaching days.

Lesson day 1 (4 + 4 hours)

  1. Specific features of mediation in Social Affairs
  2. From ‘Contacting to Contracting’ (assignment interviews, quotation construction, etc.)

Lesson day 2 (4 + 4 hours)

  1. Labor law Individual and collective
  2. Conciliation procedure at the labor court and mediation
  3. Social security and social integration

Lesson day 3 (4 + 4 hours)

  1. Conflict management and consultative bodies in organizations
    • Organizational structure
    • Labor dispute
  2. Forms of conflict resolution in organizations
    • Preventive conflict policy
    • Curative
  3. Extraordinary situations

Lesson day 4 (4 + 4 hours)

  1. International and multicultural mediation
  2. Social mediation via digital platforms
  3. Role-playing and specific tools and interventions

Lesson day 5 (4 + 4 hours)

  1. Group dynamics
  2. Role-playing and specific tools and interventions

Academic Year 2021 – 2022                

Cost: 1980€ (incl. VAT + teaching materials)

During our courses we provide a sandwich lunch as standard

Participants in the basic mediation module at People Interaction enjoy a discount of 10%

With a 10% discount, the participation price is € 1782 (incl. VAT + teaching materials)

For self-employed persons and companies, this training is eligible for the SME portfolio*

*Prepayment of                                     409.3 Euro
Eligible for SME:                                 1372.7 Euro
Of which to be paid yourself:                960.9 Euro
Belgian government subsidizes:           411.8 Euro

Personal contribution is therefore:     1370.2 Euro

Become a member of the People Interaction Aftercare program and enjoy a 10% discount on these (and other) courses!

This training is accredited by:

  • Belgian Federal Mediation Commission

Effectiveness of learning is determined by:

  1. 10% is induced by knowledge transfer.
    This is the classic way of teaching.
    The mediation course offers the required knowledge (legal, sociological and psychological insights) and skills (communication, negotiation)
  2. 20% is induced by practicing the theory with feedback. Examples include case discussions and role plays.
    The mediation training ensures extensive and intensive discussion of the experience gained through extensive case discussions and role plays.
  3. 70% is induced and therefore effectively integrated and applied by applying ‘on the job’ with guidance and appropriate feedback.
    Within the framework of intervision, supervision and continuous training, the opportunity is offered to discuss, evaluate and deepen experiences from one’s own practice.

Next related in-depth courses with accreditation points of the FBC

General Information & Location

Lesson dates might be subject to change (Covid-19)!

Our Social Affairs specialization consists of 40 contact hours in accordance with the new criteria of the Belgian Federal Mediation Commission.

From our experience we have learned that the specific modules provide a sufficient overview for this specialization in a minimum number of hours. We guarantee quality by offering additional in-depth modules that the participant can follow freely and according to their own needs. These in-depth modules each represent a number of points of ‘continuing education’ (xx FBC) accredited by the Federal Mediation Commission.

Classes start 9:00am – End classes maximum 6:00pm

You have the option of taking the same class day in a different location. You can use this according to your personal wishes.

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